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Write Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form from a Graph, Points, & Slope

Write Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept Form from a Graph, Points, & Slope

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  • Write linear equations in slope-intercept from from a graph, points, and slope.

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Information About Self-Check Activities


Take the hassle out of checking math problems with these self-check activities! These user-friendly, printable resources are designed to promote independent learning and reinforce essential math skills. They are the perfect addition to your math toolkit, ensuring that your classroom remains dynamic and adaptable to individual learning needs.


  • Instant Feedback: Each activity includes self-check mechanisms, allowing students to instantly assess their understanding and correct mistakes. This promotes a growth mindset by encouraging active learning and independent problem-solving.

  • Adaptability: Suitable for both in-class and homework assignments, these self-check activities can be used in various ways. They’re perfect for reinforcing lessons, test preparation, or extra practice.

  • Print-and-Go Convenience: With printable PDF format, you can easily print as many copies as needed. Simply download, print, and distribute.

Make math engaging, efficient, and effective in your classroom. Unlock the potential of self-directed learning with this valuable resource!


• Self-Check
• Partner Check
• Triple Check

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Reviews from Educators

I really enjoyed using this activity with my students. I like for them to work in partners to practice the skills we learn, but I find that sometimes one person does all the work while the other just copies/listens to the other. This activity was a great way for both people to be actively engaged in the process of practicing skills. I also like the option for having three people in a group or the option of having students work independently with the same setup! I will definitely be looking into other skills with this same Self-Checking Options – Danielle O’Haren

These "sets" are great! I love that there are several options in each pack--single student, partners, and triples! These are favorites with my students and good conversations arise when the answers are not the same. My students are enjoying this activity and I hope to have all of these in my tool box. – E.G.

Wow! My students were so engaged. Each wanted to be the first to get them all right. I love the way they excitedly continued to the end, celebrating each success with fist pumps and "I rocked this!" Thanks for a great resource. – Jeana H.

This was a great way to provide some review of what my students learned in 5th grade. They loved working together to get the correct answers. It's much more engaging than working on their own. – Christine N.

Learn more about Self-Checking Activities

These resources that not only serve as rock-solid review but they also are self-checking. The best part? You're getting not one, not two, but THREE resources in one! Yup, handouts for individual, partner, or groups of three, each with different problems but those golden matching answers! Ready to dive in and make review a breeze? Let's do this!

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