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TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets Bundle

TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets Bundle

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These graphing calculator reference sheets, for the TI-84 graphing calculator, guide students step-by-step on how to use the graphing calculator. Over 100 pages of reference sheets and practice!

The following include a reference sheet & practice page (print & digital):
1 - Linear Regression
2 - Quadratic Graphs
3 - Absolute Value
4 - Quadratic Regression
5 - Polynomial Graphs
6 - Inverse Functions
7 - Evaluating Functions
8 - Linear Inequalities
9 - Systems of Equations
10 - Piecewise Functions
11 - Exponential Regression
12 - Rational Functions
13 - Basics 101 - only print
14 - Linear Graphs
15 - Matrices - Systems of Equations (2 and 3 variables)
16 - Quadratic Inequalities

The following include only reference sheet pages (print):
17 - Simplify Radicals
18 - Probability Simulator
19 - Operations with Matrices
20 - Logarithms
21 - Basics 102: Mode Menu
22 - Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency
23 - Statistics: Measures of Variation
24 - Statistics: Histograms
25 - Statistics: Box-and-Whisker Plots
26 - Statistics: Normal Distribution
27 - Window Settings and Graphing Equations
28 - Basics 103: Math Menu, Fractions, and Test Menu
29 - Basics 104: Graphing
30 - Sequences and Series
31 - Statistics: Graphing Residuals
32 - Probability: Factorials, Permutations, and Combinations
33 - Regression/Line of Best Fit: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential using the Coefficient of Determination
34 - Graph a Circle
35 - Trigonometric Equations
36 - Graph a Derivative
37 - Numerical Deriviative
38 - Definite Integral
39 - Geometry Transformations: Reflect, Translate, and Dilate
40 - The Unit Circle

...and a cover page for folders, binders, or interactive notebooks!

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Information about TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets and Practice


Graphing calculator reference sheets guide students step-by-step on how to use the calculator for various math concepts, graphing, and solving. The practice sheet helps them review the content and steps they've learned.

Teaching graphing calculator skills help students with:
• Speed
• Making Connections
• Checking for Accuracy
• Leaping Hurdles

*Reference sheets can be used with a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.


• Reference Sheets: A reference page with step-by step instructions
• See the images above for the reference sheet(s) included in this resource
• Print (PDF file)

Sheets 1-16 also include:
• Practice Sheet & Answer Key: Problems for students to review what they've learned (print & digital)
• Digital (Google Jamboard)

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This product is intended for personal use by ONE teacher only. It is a digital download and no physical product will be sent.

Reviews from Educators

This has been a life saver! There are so many things I don't know how to do on the calculator and it has helped both myself and my students! – Samantha F.

AMAZING! I don't know why I ever taught without these. They have been so helpful, and I can't wait to start the year using them. They provide great instructions and provide students with a great way to review and remember what to do each time.  – Emily S.

Excellent resource to help students learn to use graphing calculator. I love that each activity can be printed on its own.. The students love to have clear, step by step instructions!!! – Deb B.

So helpful to have these! My students had a section in their notebooks for all of them. Made trouble shooting the calculator much easier for them. – Chelsi B.

Teaching Math to Special Education students can be a little tricky when they struggle with calculation skills. This year I am devoted to teaching students how to use these calculators. These graphics have been a good addition to teaching. If a student forgets where to find certain functions of the calculator they have something to refer back to. I have also noticed that as students are learning how to use these they feel more comfortable and explore other ways on the calculator to solve problems! =) – Mandi L B.

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Learn more about Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets

The TI-84 calculator can be an amazing and useful tool for students, IF they know how to use it.​ When I first starting teaching high school math, I would verbally tell my students step-by-step what to do on the graphing calculator. Oh, the misery of repeating myself 100 times! In lieu of all of this, I became determined to create graphing calculator reference sheets.

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