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Sequences and Series | TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheet

Sequences and Series | TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheet

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  • A step-by-step guide on how to find an arithmetic sequence (explicit and recursive formulas) and a specific term in the sequence, in both sequence mode and function mode. Also, an arithmetic and geometric series
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Information about TI-84 Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets


Graphing calculator reference sheets guide students step-by-step on how to use the calculator for various math concepts, graphing, and solving.

Teaching graphing calculator skills help students with:
• Speed
• Making Connections
• Checking for Accuracy
• Leaping Hurdles

*Reference sheets can be used with a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.


• Reference Sheet: A reference page with step-by step instructions
• See the images above for the reference sheet(s) included in this resource
• Print (PDF file)

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Reviews from Educators

This has been a life saver! There are so many things I don't know how to do on the calculator and it has helped both myself and my students! – Samantha F.

AMAZING! I don't know why I ever taught without these. They have been so helpful, and I can't wait to start the year using them. They provide great instructions and provide students with a great way to review and remember what to do each time.  – Emily S.

Excellent resource to help students learn to use graphing calculator. I love that each activity can be printed on its own.. The students love to have clear, step by step instructions!!! – Deb B.

So helpful to have these! My students had a section in their notebooks for all of them. Made trouble shooting the calculator much easier for them. – Chelsi B.

Teaching Math to Special Education students can be a little tricky when they struggle with calculation skills. This year I am devoted to teaching students how to use these calculators. These graphics have been a good addition to teaching. If a student forgets where to find certain functions of the calculator they have something to refer back to. I have also noticed that as students are learning how to use these they feel more comfortable and explore other ways on the calculator to solve problems! =) – Mandi L B.

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Learn more about Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets

The TI-84 calculator can be an amazing and useful tool for students, IF they know how to use it.​ When I first starting teaching high school math, I would verbally tell my students step-by-step what to do on the graphing calculator. Oh, the misery of repeating myself 100 times! In lieu of all of this, I became determined to create graphing calculator reference sheets.

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