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Algebra and Beyond

Polynomial Functions - Real World Applications

Polynomial Functions - Real World Applications

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Topics included are:
• Graph and evaluate polynomial functions

• Identify minima and maxima
• Solve polynomial functions using synthetic division, long division, and/or factoring
• Write a polynomial function given a graph
• Determine the domain of a function for a real world setting
• Perform operations with polynomial functions
• Find the function of best fit given data

9 pages + answer keys with complete solutions

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Information about Real World Applications


When are we going to use this? Ever hear your students' ask that before?!?!

These handouts challenge students to apply their algebra skills in real world situations. The applications can be used as a way to measure student growth or for review.


• Business
• Geometry
• Engineering
• Science
• Sports
• Academics
• Population

Answer Keys: Fully worked solutions for all lesson problems included 

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Reviews from Educators

This is a great resource for students to apply the concepts learned in the classroom. A way to bring the math to life! So many real world applications are provided. - Vallee G.

The question sets were challenging and on-topic. The kids found them far more interesting than the typical "boxed" sets. - Math Working Capital

Too often, I get the "when are we ever going to use this in the real world?" This resource answers the question. Word problems are a challenge for students. I love how the resource breaks down challenging quadratic word problems with steps that students can follow to master. This is defiantly something I will continue to use. - The Math Gnome

I really enjoyed working with students on this assignment. It led to a great conversation about what other factors businesses would need to consider in deciding how much of which products to make, and how other data would be collected and analyzed. - Minda M.

Thank you... great real-world situations to engage students. Varied level of difficulty! - Michelle B.

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