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Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Unit Bundle | Notes | Homework | Assessments

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Unit Bundle | Notes | Homework | Assessments

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This unit covers solving exponential and logarithmic equations, converting to both forms, the natural logarithm, properties of logarithms, and graphing. These easy to understand guided notes, video warm-ups, and applications help students analyze exponential and logarithmic functions at a high level.

What is included in this resource bundle?

  • Learning Target - Clip Charts
  • Assessments - 4 Quizzes, a Study Guide, and a Unit Test
  • Can You Do Math in the Real World: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

Video Warm-Ups, Notes (discover and/or guided), and Homework:

Lesson 8.1 - Solve Exponential Equations: Same Base

Lesson 8.2 - Introduction to Logarithms

Lesson 8.3 - Properties of Logarithms

Lesson 8.4 - Solve Logarithmic Equations

Lesson 8.5 - Solve Exponential Equations Using Logs

Lesson 8.6 - Graphing Exponential Functions

Lesson 8.7 - Graphing Logarithmic Functions

Completely worked out solutions are included for everything!


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Information about Algebra 2 Unit Bundles


Build student engagement and participation as you teach Algebra 2 concepts with convenient pre-inserted graphic organizers to keep students on track during your lesson. Scaffolding is embedded right into the guided notes that students complete while you teach. Students remain motivated to practice key skills, and you have an easy way to teach from start to finish. 


Unit Outline: Scope and Sequence
Learning Targets: Clip Charts
Editable Assessments: quizzes, a study guide, and a test
Lessons: warm-ups, notes, and homework
Answer Keys: Fully worked solutions for all lessons and assessments

• Print (PDF file) - Lessons
• Editable (Powerpoint) - Outline, Clip Charts, and Assessments

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Reviews from Educators

Attention to detail is incredible. Multiple opportunities for students to practice skills. Highly recommend product. –Betty M.

Very comprehensive. Videos and notes for so many topics. Very helpful to provide students with an asynchronous resource when not available for class.  –Seretha P.

This goes above and beyond my wildest expectations! This is so beautifully and thoroughly crafted. Great work! You have saved me hours of frustration. –Dorothy B.

I have only one regret and that is that I wish had purchased this curriculum earlier. It is an amazing resource tool. –Maria J.

My students found this resource very useful and accessible for their learning. It was easy to integrate with our usual resources & addresses several topic directly that are often missed in other resources. –Riana H.

Good resource to use as a whole or to supplement your curriculum. Nicely laid out and easily insertable into your lessons. –Gerri D.