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Linear, Exponential, & Quadratic Regression | Real World Project Based Learning

Linear, Exponential, & Quadratic Regression | Real World Project Based Learning

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Real world projects excite students to make connections! Students collect and analyze college tuition data to determine the linear, quadratic and/or exponential curve of best fit, and predict future tuition costs. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the following skills:

  • Gather accurate data and create a table
  • Graph a scatter plot
  • Find the linear, quadratic, and exponential line/curve of best fit and graph
  • Determine which equation best models the data using the coefficient of determination
  • Predict future tuition costs using the line/curve of best fit function
  • Research background information about each university/college


Note to Teacher

Student Handout - editable

Rubric - editable

BONUS Calculator Reference Sheets included: Regression: Coefficient of Determination

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Information about Real World Projects


Students are able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of math in real world settings. Authentic projects that can be used as individual or group work. Project based learning is perfect to integrate within a unit of study or used as a summative assessment.



• Note to Teacher describing how to use the project
• Student handout (editable)
• Rubric (editable)

*Some projects include extra handouts and/or videos

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Reviews from Educators

I loved the fact that it got the students out of the classroom into the real world. It's often difficult to convince student that math really does connect to life. This made it more than obvious! – Karyn T.

This is an excellent project that  really gets the students engaged. I love how it encompasses so many areas of graphical analysis and at the same time allows students to be creative while demonstrating their knowledge. – Denise M.

I used this at the end of our unit. My students were so engaged while working through the situation. It was refreshing to hear the students explain to me how they are going to use math after high school! Great resource. – Kelley N.

I am always looking for interesting, engaging activities for my students that take them outside of their comfort zone. This was perfect. It was not too hard for my lower students. I love that they were able to be creative. – Debra S.

This is soooo much fun! I absolutely love that it can be used in class and/or for distance learning. I teach ELLs, and it is a great way to make sure they understand certain concepts, as well as practice their English speaking skills at the same time. Thank you so much!! Highly recommended!! :-) – Tara B.

Since we aren't in a traditional setting, I decided to use this in lieu of a final exam. The kids loved it and were very creative. Thanks for creating something out of the box! – MathMakestheWorldGoRound

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Real World Math Projects

I am always trying to create or find projects where each students' project will be different than every other students in the class because it is more authentic this way. And of course, I want it to be applicable in the real world! This is not always easy to make because if every student’s project is different, or even has an unlimited number of solutions, checking each one is extremely difficult and time-consuming for the teacher. Well, guess what?!...these projects are authentic.

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