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Dividing Polynomials Activities Mini-Bundle | Review Worksheets - Synthetic & Long Division

Dividing Polynomials Activities Mini-Bundle | Review Worksheets - Synthetic & Long Division

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Are your students struggling to grasp the concepts of long and synthetic division of polynomials? Do you want to make the learning process more enjoyable while ensuring effective comprehension? Look no further than this Dividing Polynomials Mini-Bundle! Composed of a diverse set of resources, this bundle is designed to cater to various learning styles, making the journey reviewing long and synthetic division of polynomials both captivating and fun!

What's Included:

1 - Self-Check Activities: Long and Synthetic Division

  • 3 activities in one - individual, partner, and group
  • Instant feedback - different problems with matching answers

2 & 3 - Lessons: Long Division & Synthetic Division

  • Warm-Up, Guided Notes, and Homework
  • Complete Solutions
  • Print & Go Convenience

4 - Battle My Math Ship (print & digital): Synthetic Division

  • A fun spin on the game Battleship! Students take turns solving problems to sink their opponent’s ships
  • No Prep
  • Partner Activity
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Why Choose a Mini-Bundle?

Savings: Discounted at over 30% off the value!

Comprehension meets Engagement: The fusion of review activities, visuals, and real-world scenarios ensures that your students not only understand absolute value inequalities but also stay engaged throughout the learning journey.

Adaptability: Whether you're teaching in-person or through virtual platforms, this mini-bundle seamlessly adapts to various teaching environments. The resources are easily accessible both printable and digital, and can be integrated into your curriculum with ease.

Differentiated Learning: Cater to diverse learning styles and paces with our comprehensive resources.

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