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Classify Real Numbers Activity | Battle My Math Ship Game | Print & Digital

Classify Real Numbers Activity | Battle My Math Ship Game | Print & Digital

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  • Classifying real numbers: Whole, Natural, Integers, Rational, and/or Irrational
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Information About Battle My Math Ship Activities


This no-prep, partner activity is a fun spin on Battleship! This math review game will have your students begging for more activities just like it! Students take turns choosing spaces to attack by solving math problems. This activity includes PRINT and DIGITAL versions!


• 5 sets of boards
• Student sheets to show work
• Print (PDF file)
• Digital (Google Slides)

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This product is intended for personal use by ONE teacher only. It is a digital download and no physical product will be sent.

Reviews from Educators

If you aren't using the Battle My Math Ship resources are ABSOLUTELY missing out. The students love the game - and it evens the playing field a bit for struggling students as there is a little luck involved. My students wish there was math battleship for every topic they study. Zero prep (make a copy) and go. – Allyson B.

Absolutely the best way to practice any math concept. My students LOVE these! The minute they walk in and see the classroom set up, they know and are so excited to
play!!! – Christiana E.

Such a fun and engaging way to review! Students don’t feel like they are doing math or work…they are too busy having fun! They always ask to play this review game! – Crafting in the Classroom

My students love the battleship games. They are getting a ton of practice without even realizing it because they want to win. Awesome activity. – Dana H.

Wow! This was an easy-to-use resource that was incredibly engaging for my students. This will now be a staple in my class instruction for years to come. – Kristen R.

This rocks!!! Very engaging. Requires thinking, reasoning and problem solving on more than one level. Much more engaging than standard worksheets. We love the design of this resource! VERY FUN!!! – Marcy M.

Learn about Battle My Math Ship

Do you remember playing Battleship when you were a kid? How exciting was it to figure out where your friend’s battleships were and sink them?! Well, I’ve brought that fun and excitement into the math classroom. For those of you who have no idea what the game Battleship is, read below to discover a game that will keep your students asking for more!

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