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Characteristics of Graphs | Name That Function | Matching Activity | Print and Digital

Characteristics of Graphs | Name That Function | Matching Activity | Print and Digital

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  • Analyze characteristics of functions and their graphs
  • Domain
  • Range
  • Intercepts
  • Local minimum/maximum
  • Intervals of increase/decrease
  • End behavior
  • Parent functions
  • Continuity
  • Evaluating a function from a graph
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Information about Name That Function Activities


A matching activity where students analyze graphs of functions and make connections to their characteristics by completing a fill in the blank table. These activities include both PRINT and DIGITAL versions!


• Graph cards
• Fill in the blank table
• Answer key
• Print (PDF file)
• Digital (Google Slides)

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Reviews from Educators

Great activity! Worked out perfectly in my stations and my students were very engaged! Thank you for sharing your creativity with me! –TexasMath4Success

Excellent resource! Really helped my students make the connections I wanted them to make. Thank you –Passion4Mathin’

Great activity – my kids were able to apply their understanding and had great math conversations while they were working together. – Heather K.

This is a great activity to help students make connections about graphs. I love using this activity after introduction notes to help students draw conclusions on their own. – Julie W

My students always enjoy name that function activities. I have all of these and use them every semester. – Patricia W.

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Name That Function Activities

My math catchphrase is“connecting knowledge with understanding”. Every time I create an activity, this phrase is what I think about. It helps me stay focused on the true goal and outcome of what I want for each activity.

These activities in particular really embody this statement. It’s an activity that I’ve used over and over with my students for different types of functions. At first, students tend to have productive struggle with this activity. BUT once they get the hang of it, they realize how making these connections helps them fully understand functions and their graphs.

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