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Parent Functions - Graphic Organizers

Parent Functions - Graphic Organizers

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18 Parent Functions - Graphic Organizers:

• Linear

• Absolute Value

• Quadratic

• Greatest Integer

• Cubic

• Reciprocal

• Square Root

• Cube Root

• Exponential

• Logarithmic

• Natural Logarithm

• Logistic

• Sine

• Cosine

• Tangent

• Cotangent

• Secant

• Cosecant

• AND a blank one!


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Information about this resource


Graphic organizers are a perfect and easy way for students to analyze each parent function. These clear and concise graphic organizers can be used as a print and go packet or add to interactive notebooks.

These graphic organizers include domain, range, continuity, symmetry, local maxima and minima, periods, asymptotes, intervals of increase and decrease, end behavior, x and y-intercepts, a table of points, and a graph.


• 18 Parent Functions
• 19 pages + answer keys
• Print (PDF file)

Two graphic organizers per page. A perfect size for an interactive notebook! Students can fill them in or a typed answer key version is included as well. These are great to give to students each time a new function is introduced.

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Reviews from Educators

This is a great resource! I used it as review of parent functions with my precalc students, but I am going to use it with my algebra 2 students as well. I'm also going to laminate and hang a set of these in my classroom so this resource doubles as a student activity and an anchor wall! – Marisa R.

My students loved this resource because it allowed them to review all of the concepts on one page for the different functions! It was beautifully made! – Out to the left

This is a great resource for all students grades 9-12. I have taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2,
Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus AB; all classes which deal with parent functions, and transformations of functions. This is such a great tool to have for any of those courses. – Hayley Z.

This was a great addition to my students' interactive notebooks. It was easy for them to reference as we moved through each unit, and had the information they needed. – Kristin N.

I used this as notes during classes, both in-person and in remote, synchronous classes. The level of difficulty was perfect for what I needed, and the notes handouts were clear and organized. Thank you so much! – Emily H.

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